Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lucile and Noble: Patchwork Fleece

Gregg and I stopped by Lucile and Noble's house to wish them Happy New Year, and to pick up some quilts and blankets she had made for Katie's Comforters Guild.

Lucile has had a lot of trouble with her favorite sewing machine. She takes good care of it, but she also gives it a real workout because she sews so many quilts. It has been in the repair shop for quite some time, and is predicted to be there for a while longer. She has other, older machines to use as backup, and the shop has given her a "loaner," but as any crafter or hobbyist knows, you have your favorite tools and prefer to work with them.

In the absence of her favorite machine, Lucile knows how to improvise. She has taken a variety of fleece squares (which could confound a less dedicated seamstress) and turned them into patchwork blankets.
She also donated two quilts and other blankets in this batch: a total of 15 fleece and two quilts.

Thank you, Lucile and Noble!
I hope your machine is back from the shop soon so that you can enjoy sewing to the fullest.

{If you know of a Bernina machine which someone would like to donate to Lucile for her work, please leave a comment! I'd love to see her have the very best tools available, and that is her favorite brand.}

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