Sunday, June 26, 2011

Donations from Elsie W.

Our friend, Elsie W. called and told me that she had a batch of blankets ready to donate. Because I had appointments in Seattle on the day that she was coming to our town, Elsie delivered her blankets to Suzanne Droppert, the owner of Liberty Bay Books. It included polar fleece fabric, ready to be made into more blankets. Thank you very much for this donation, Elsie!
Elsie's blankets and fleece material donation

Liberty Bay Books donated $20.00 to our guild when I went to pick up the blankets. Thank you so much for your logistical help and donation, Liberty Bay Books!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Bequest from the Coleman Family

I recently had the privilege of meeting Cathy Coleman in town to receive a beautiful gift from her and her family. Cathy's mother-in-law, Pat, was a quilter and a member of our guild.
This is a photo of Pat, provided by Cathy.
She made lovely quilts for the hospital, and chose her fabrics with an eye for design, as well as for the heart of a child. I'm sorry to say that Pat passed away recently.
In spite of her family's grief, Cathy reached out and let me know that Pat had prepared materials for making a number of quilts. Pat had even coordinated the satin blanket binding and thread with the material for each quilt, carefully placed them together in a baggie, and attached it to the material. Such tender, loving care! Cathy and her family donated those materials to our guild.
Thank you, Cathy and the entire Coleman family, for sharing with our guild out of your grief. Pat's generous spirit will continue to bring comfort to sick children at Seattle Children's Hospital!