Thursday, November 19, 2015

Free Fabric!

Our dear friend and guild member, Lucile, is sorting through her sewing stash, and has offered us 10+ bags of  
 If you - or someone you know - is interested in sewing quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild, please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page, or email me at KARENLBOREN at yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jaimee & Ethan M.

Jaimee M. sent these two photos with the following note:
"Sending these 4 quilts and 1 blanket today. 
Ethan wanted to make a quilt for the kids, too, so the rag quilt is his first quilt. 
He was very excited to make it, and has already started on a second one!"

As we've said, you are never too young (or too old) to be needed and helpful to others. And you're never too far away, either - Jamiee and her family live in another state!

Thank you, Jaimee and Ethan!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scrabble Quilt

We received a fantastic new donation: a Scrabble quilt.
If you've ever spent a lot of time in a hospital - either as a patient or a visitor - you'll know how the hours can drag on and on. Having a favorite book, hobby or game with you provides a relief, and it can bring a great deal of simple joy.

One of our wonderful donors just combined our mission - bringing comfort through quilts and blankets - with the inspiration of a favorite game, and voila! Just like that, smiles all around. Here is the finished product:
A usable game board, built right into the quilt!
Note the brilliant colors of fabric and trim, suitable for all ages and tastes.

Thank you, Mary Ryan, 
for facilitating delivery of this fabulous gift!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Guild Association Initiatives and Important Dates

We are part of a unique and wonderful organization, Seattle Children's Hospital's Guild Association. Established by the hospital's founder, Anna Clise, the Guild Association supports the hospital in a variety of ways through gathering the talent, time and treasure of community members in service of the hospital's mission. If you're not a member, you are missing out; please consider joining us!

Here are recent updates from the Guild Association about this year's initiatives.
 You can see in the timeline above that yesterday was the day that annual membership dues were due. (Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo...) If you missed the deadline, no need to worry; simply send your renewal in as soon as you are able!

* If you are a new member, please note the new member brunch date: February 13, 2016

Please mark you calendar and join us on May 6th at the Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration - it's a blast!
Do you know a guild, or guild member, who you especially admire? Nominate them by following the instructions above. Nominations are due on March 20, 2016.
 Would you like to donate to meet specific needs? The information above shows you exactly what NEW toys are needed for Project Playtime.
Want to support the hospital's research departments? Join Research Champions (see above). If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact me here, or Melissa Cardenas at the Guild Association office: 206-987-6806.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Liberty Bay Books Supports Katie's Comforters Guild

I stopped into our local "Indie" (independent) bookstore, Liberty Bay Books, and the owner, Suzanne said that she had a donation for us. Suzanne's bookstore is a hub of activity in our little town (I just typed "hug of activity" - it feels like that in the store: warm, inviting and enriching). Suzanne and her staff host book signings, book clubs (cookbook groups even get to sample recipes), game nights and a knitting group, among other things. The Liberty Bay Books Knitters have kindly donated a fleece and two knitted/crocheted blankets, which you can see here:
Something for everyone here - variety of color, material, design and texture
Thank you, Suzanne, 
and Liberty Bay Books Knitters! 
Katie's Comforters Guild 
appreciates your support!