Friday, November 6, 2015

Liberty Bay Books Supports Katie's Comforters Guild

I stopped into our local "Indie" (independent) bookstore, Liberty Bay Books, and the owner, Suzanne said that she had a donation for us. Suzanne's bookstore is a hub of activity in our little town (I just typed "hug of activity" - it feels like that in the store: warm, inviting and enriching). Suzanne and her staff host book signings, book clubs (cookbook groups even get to sample recipes), game nights and a knitting group, among other things. The Liberty Bay Books Knitters have kindly donated a fleece and two knitted/crocheted blankets, which you can see here:
Something for everyone here - variety of color, material, design and texture
Thank you, Suzanne, 
and Liberty Bay Books Knitters! 
Katie's Comforters Guild 
appreciates your support!

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