Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lots of Good News!

We have a great deal of good news to share with you. So much generosity has come to Seattle Children's Hospital through donations to Katie's Comforters Guild!

First of all, Charlotte B. kindly created six quilts and delivered them to Seattle Children's Hospital for our guild. Thank you, Charlotte!
Michelle F. gathered quilts from a variety of sources and delivered them to the hospital with the help of her son, Owen. Michelle is a member of our guild, and both of her sons are junior members. She teaches others to quilt, and shares fabric to help them get started with charitable sewing and giving. We love this family's community involvement and commitment to giving back! Mickie donated quilts from her family, as well as from a young lady named Skyler, and friends Margie, Brenda and Kristin.
Skyler's stack
One of Margie's quilts
Margie's applique work - stunning!
Kristin wrote the following: " I live in Seattle near Children's and quilt weekly with a group of women. I saw a post a couple years ago from Mickie Geri Farris about Katie's Comforter Guild, and love the idea. The quilt this time was a world map and I thought that a kiddo might plan some world travels during their stay."

Thank you, Mickie, Owen, Luke, Margie, Kristin and Skyler! We are so grateful for your help and generosity!

Fabric Traditions has done it again, sending us a box of professional sports team fabric in cotton and flannel. If you would like to make a sports-themed quilt for patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, please let me know and I will find a way to get the fabric to you! Regardless of which teams you might favor, it's possible to make a truly wonderful quilt by combining the fabrics. The only thing they ask in return is that we send photos of what is made with their fabric - a fun request to fulfill! Thank you, Annette S. and Fabric Traditions!
I just received a donation from Angela and her daughter Olivia. They contributed three beautifully-knitted and two lovingly hand-knotted fleece blankets. These will bring comfort and cheer to patients!  Thank you, Angela and Olivia!
Finally, we took a trip to Lucile's house to pick up the latest batch of 56 pillowcases which she made for patients, so they will have a personal touch, rather than hospital linens! Thank you, Lucile - we appreciate you and all that you do!
Katie's Comforters Guild has so much for which to be grateful - and we are! All of our donors and members are treasured and appreciated.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sunshine from Tanya S.

Our Vice President & Gratitude Ambassador, Mary Ryan, wrote the following:

"A friend of our guild, Tanya S., has been at it again and created this beautiful new knit blanket as a donation for a special someone at Seattle Children's. Tanya is very humble about her knitting talents and always graciously brushes off any compliments with a quiet smile and gentle laugh.
"The yarn she chose for this cuddly project is so soft to the touch and the color is a cheery sunshine yellow that is just as soft spoken as Tanya. I'm sure the child who receives it will feel the warm hugs of each and every stitch! Thank you so much, Tanya, for your thoughtful, comforting gift!"

...and thank you, Mary, for delivering this beautiful blanket to Katie's Comforters Guild!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pillowcases & Receiving Blankets Made with Love by Lucile

We stopped by to visit Lucile, after she called and told us that she had accumulated quite a supply of pillowcases and receiving blankets. She is truly "the Producer!"

Lucile had created, folded, counted and bagged for delivery  
132 pillowcases, 24 receiving blankets and two crocheted blankets. She says (with modesty), "I have to keep busy!" Here is a selection of her latest work:
Lucile, you are doing a wonderful job of keeping busy - and keeping Seattle Children's Hospital's patients supplied with soft, cheerful comfort items.
Thank you - we appreciate you and all you do!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yarn Donations

We are always grateful to receive inquiries from people interested in donating to Katie's Comforters Guild, whether it's time, talent, treasure or materials they have to share. Recently, we received two offers of yarn, which we truly appreciate.

In some cases, we can coordinate donations so that the materials go directly to our guild's friends or members who need them for making quilts or blankets. We've done this with fabric, and are about to do it again with a yarn donation from Mandy L.

Sometimes, there is too much material for us to take (storage space is an issue), or there isn't a specific need to coincide with the timing of a donor's need to move materials. In that case, we give our thanks, and ask that another charity be the recipient.

Mandy L. is sending her yarn directly to Liberty Bay Books' Knitters. Here is a photo of her son with the yarn she is donating,
and here is one of her son with his own beloved, knitted blanket. His sweet smile confirms that blankets really do bring comfort!
Thank you, Mandy! ...and thanks to all who offer donations to Katie's Comforters Guild!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Package of Coziness from Elsie

Several years ago, our guild was blessed by a donor named Elsie W.
Several years went by without hearing from her, and then, a surprise message came for us through the Guild Association office: would I call her, please?
Yes, I would - and I learned that Elsie had moved from the west side of the state to the east side, and that she had not forgotten Katie's Comforters.

Elsie wanted to know if she could send me some blankets which she wanted to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital through our guild.
Yes, please!

Today, I opened a box and found these two soft, cozy knitted blankets inside:
The yarn is super fuzzy: thick, yet light, and feels a little bit like holding a favorite pet.

Elsie asked if we would like her to make more of these for our guild to donate.
Yes, please! - so she has already started to make more.

We are grateful to Elsie for remembering Katie's Comforters, after a huge life-change like a big move, and for her generous desire to donate comfort to others. Thank you, Elsie!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Six New Quilts & FREE Supplies!

Last week, we received blessings for which we are thankful, and we are happy to share them with you.

April C. sent this photo of her most recent six quilts, made from fabric donated by Sherry B.:
Thank you, Sherry and April for your generous gifts of time, talent and materials!

Another blessing is an offer of FREE fabric and quilting supplies, which are presently at the Guild Association's office on Sand Point Way in Seattle. Our contact there, Melissa Cardenas, can help to coordinate a convenient time for you to pick up these free supplies, to use in making quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild. Just call or email Melissa at (206) 987-6806 or, and let her know that you are inquiring about the fabric/supplies through Katie's Comforters Guild.

We are blessed by, and grateful to, each one of our donors!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lots of News to Share

Gregg and I visited Lucile a short while ago, and picked up a BIG new donation. She has been making pillowcases for the patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, so instead of hospital-issue bedding, the children will have a cheery, personal pillowcase. In addition, she has been making receiving blankets for the very youngest patients. Lucile donated 60 pillowcases, 13 receiving blankets and one crocheted blanket! She truly is a "producer."

Here is Lucile with some of her most recent work:
 Thank you, Lucile! You are a treasure!

Our guild's far-away friend, Jaimee Martin, has been busy quilting, as well. Here are Jaimee's three most recent beauties:
Aren't they awesome? - so colorful, original and cheerful! Three patients are going to be delighted to cuddle with those quilts.
Thank you, Jaimee! We are super-grateful to you.

The latest copy of Guild News (the Guild Association's publication) is available here:

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Free Fabric & A Question of Yardage

Katie's Comforters Guild is the fortunate recipient of great generosity from quilters. Some quilters - or their family members - find it necessary to clear out their "stash" from time to time. When we receive a message from such a person, we immediately try to match the offering with a quilter who needs fabric.

Sherry B. has a stash of 7 bags of cotton fabric, composed of pieces which are under a yard in size. For quilters who enjoy piecing and making "scrap" quilts, this could be a gold mine, but for others, it is not a good fit. Do any of you want to speak to Sherry about taking this fabric? If so, please contact me here or via our Facebook page. She needs to donate it ASAP.

Going forward, it would be helpful for donors and quilters alike if we can be as specific as possible about our preferences/abilities in the question of yardage. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Sherry, and thank you for your generosity!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Annual Meeting & Luncheon, 2016

Katie's Comforters Guild members Mary, Ellie, Bonnie, Karen & Sue
Five members of Katie's Comforters Guild attended the 2016 Guild Association Annual Meeting & Luncheon celebration at the Westin Hotel on Friday. Four of us drove over together, taking the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle, and one came via the Bremerton ferry. We were seated together for the luncheon, while we watched inspiring videos, listened to personal stories of patient treatment, and heard doctors discuss their research and motivation.
Vice President of our guild, Mary Ryan, and guild member Sue Hart of the Sew-and-Sews
Katie's Comforters Guild President Karen Gerstenberger with guild members Ellie Boren (Katie's "Grandma B") and Bonnie Petersen
Awards were given, gratitude expressed, success celebrated and inspiration was shared all around; tears were shed and applause rang out, culminating in a standing ovation for the featured speaker, Kat Tiscornia - a patient who has taken her own story of cure to the world, in order to inspire others. And inspire she did!

The Guild Association to which we belong had a record-breaking year in 2015. Here are some of the highlights:
  • We have 6,200 members
  • We include 450 guilds
  • 24 new guilds were added in 2015
  • 67 are Research Champion guilds (donating $2,500 or more to research in one calendar year)
  • We gave 125,905 volunteer hours
  • Guilds raised $12,919,100 in project revenue (about half of that was raised by the Friends of Costco Guild - HOORAY for Costco!)
  • $140,200 was raised by membership revenue
  • $602,000 was net Bargain Boutique revenue
  • $20,267,195 was donated to Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation programs in guild-affiliated revenue by guild members and their friends
You can see why our Guild Association is a leader in fundraising, and is admired by hospitals everywhere. Please join us, and come along next year to share in the giving and the celebration - it's fun, educational and rewarding!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Annette and Fabric Traditions

We have been fortunate to receive another donation from Fabric Traditions in NY. Annette S. sent a box of FUN team-licensed cotton, which will make wonderful quilts, if any of you would like to take on such a project. Feel free to contact me here, or via email at KARENLBOREN at yahoo dot com.

Here is the assortment which Annette sent:
I realize that some of the teams represented here are rivals of the Seattle Seahawks, but since Seattle Children's Hospital serves patients from all over the world, I hope we can set aside some of our feelings about the (insert name of rival team here), and make these quilts for the kids! If it's too hard to feature one of these teams, perhaps an adventurous quilter will make a quilt with a bit of fabric from each team in it?

The only request which came with the box from Fabric Traditions is that we share photos of the finished quilts with them. That will be easy and rewarding for whoever makes the quilts, and we will be pleased to put them here on the blog (& on Katie's Comforters Guild's Facebook page).