Thursday, February 18, 2016

Many Hands Make Light Work (and Joy-Filled Hearts)

A guest post from our wonderful Vice President, Mary Ryan:
"Who remembers the scene in Walt Disney's "Cinderella" where all her beloved little animal friends work together to make quick and cheerful work of sewing the most beautiful ball gown for their friend Cinderella from miscellaneous ribbons and remnants? I recently got to witness and even participate in the magic of just this sort of experience when our dear friends, Sue H., Dawn K., Cindy B., and Becky M. all gathered to use their special sewing talents to transform stacks of donated flannel (a majority from our long-time member Lucile N.) into cute and cuddly receiving blankets for the babies at Seattle Children's Hospital.
"These big-hearted ladies joyfully made quick work of matching, cutting, and stitching ten sweet baby blankets in just a few hours. And to top it off, they plan to make sewing for Katie's Comforters Guild a monthly event.
"Sue, Dawn, Cindy, and Becky, thanks so very much for your enthusiasm, generous spirit, and the treasured gifts you share. You are the best "magical" helpers our guild could ever imagine. We are blessed.  - Mary"
And we are blessed to have Mary (pictured in the center of the photo) as our Vice President! We love you, Mary!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

April in February

Our guild has a new friend named April, and this month, she completed five cozy blankets for patients, and delivered them to Seattle Children's Hospital. We are so grateful to April (and friends like her) for her generosity and skill in creating these quilts:
 These beauties will bring comfort and cheer to patients and their families for years to come.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Briana & St. Olaf's Youth Group, Karol & Nadine Donate Quilts and Blankets

Recently, we've been blessed with some wonderful donations. It's time to say "Thank you!"

Briana Ryan and the youth group of St. Olaf's Catholic Church made these four bright, cheerful fleece blankets:
Thank you, Briana and St. Olaf's Youth Group!

Our cousin, Karol, lives in Scotland, but gets to come home to visit during the year. Karol is a quilter and her mom (Auntie Nadine) is a knitter, who also crochets. Karol made these two beauties:
and her mom crocheted these four cozy blankets:
Thank you Karol and Auntie Nadine! 

All of these gifts will bring warmth and comfort to children and families who are facing hospitalization. This is deeply appreciated by the patients and families, and by the hospital staff!