Saturday, May 21, 2011

More From Lucile & Noble

Lucile and Noble visited us this week to drop off 18 new quilts, plus 3 that Lucile finished for me (I pinned them, and she sewed them). Lucile is very modest, but she is still nice about allowing me to take photos.
There were a couple with "Peanuts" (a.k.a. Charlie Brown) characters, and a fabulous airport/road one, among them. The patients will love these!

Thank you, Lucile & Noble!

Two New Quilts & Quilters

I had the pleasure of meeting Donna and her friend, Sandy, last week. Donna contacted me after learning about our guild through an article in the newspaper which Sandy gave to her.

The funny part about this story is that Donna had used the newspaper which contained the article to house-train her new puppy. As she was cleaning up after the newpaper had been "used," the word "quilt"caught her eye! She made me laugh as she told me the story. But behind that story is another one. Donna's daughter passed away this year, from the same kind of cancer that Katie had: adrenocortical carcinoma. When she heard that Katie had the same cancer that her daughter had, she contacted me. I met Donna and Sandy at a local quilt shop. Both of them are very skilled quilters, and they showed me their gorgeous handiwork and donated these two beautiful quilts to our guild for the hospital.
This is Donna's Polka Dots quilt, held by Sandy (on the left) and Donna (on the right).
 This is Sandy's Autumn Border quilt.

Sandy teaches beginning quilting in three classes. She has offered to teach our guild members! I would love to take her up on this offer, once we figure out the right time and place.

Thank you, Donna & Sandy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Generous Gift and a Beautiful "Thank You"

We received a generous gift this week from one of our non-sewing guild members, Ellie B.
Ellie sent a check (she does this often - humbly, and without fanfare). For someone who doesn't knit or sew, it might seem less than rewarding to join a guild that makes blankets for the hospital, but Ellie believes in our mission, and supports it in her own open-hearted way.
Thank you, Ellie B.!
We will use your gift to buy supplies for making blankets and quilts.
I opened a letter which was forwarded to me from the hospital this week. It was sent to our guild from the "S." family in Washington, in care of the Guild Association. This is what it said:
Thank you so much for organizing and working to put blankets on the waiting cribs at Children's. We took our son (18 mo) L. to the Quick care clinic in Burlington with (we thought) a virus. They sent us to the pediatrician, and she sent us straight to Children's.

In my crying and praying on my way down with my husband and L., I kept saying '...and I have no blakets for my baby! I have to use the gross pilly hospital blankets.' We were told he needed an IV treatment immediately because he had Kawasaki Syndrome. One in four kids without treatment end up w/serious heart trouble. As we walked into our room, I cried when I saw the yellow fleece blankie on my sweet boy's crib! I knew God heard my mama heart to nurture him as best I could!! Thank you!!

The treatment worked - praise Jesus. I have a very happy healthy 20-month old home w/a sweet yellow blanket to remind us God was there in our storm. So thanks again for your loving work!
C. & A. S. [and family]
Bless you ladies in Jesus' sweet name!"
 If you ever wonder about the importance of a homemade blanket, here is proof of what it means to the heart of a parent-caregiver.
Thank you, Mrs. S. for sharing your story with us! We are happy that Katie's Comforters provided you and your family with comfort!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quilts from Lucile, Darla and a V.I.P. Reminder

We received more beautiful quilts last week. Here is a lovely batch from Lucile (she's given us 12 more since then!):
A great variety of cotton and fleece quilts - a few unpacked, on the right side. Each quilt is individual!
Here is a batch from a new guild member, Darla (welcome, Darla!):
This quilt has "Goosebumps" on one side and children of many nations on the reverse.
A vision of oriental splendor.
Album (CD) covers on one side, and flowers on the other.
A peaceful forest scene with a family of foxes. Can you see the woodpecker in the upper right corner?

African wildlife on the back.
A beautiful abstract design on the left, and ocean scene on the right. The quilting stitches are gorgeous - take a close look at the tops!
An important reminder to all: if you are a guild member, you can apply for a V.I.P. Discount card from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. This will give you 10% off of every purchase, even sale items, to use in making blankets for Katie's Comforters Guild at Seattle Children's Hospital. Check it out, using this link.
Thank you, Lucile & Darla!