Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two New Quilts & Quilters

I had the pleasure of meeting Donna and her friend, Sandy, last week. Donna contacted me after learning about our guild through an article in the newspaper which Sandy gave to her.

The funny part about this story is that Donna had used the newspaper which contained the article to house-train her new puppy. As she was cleaning up after the newpaper had been "used," the word "quilt"caught her eye! She made me laugh as she told me the story. But behind that story is another one. Donna's daughter passed away this year, from the same kind of cancer that Katie had: adrenocortical carcinoma. When she heard that Katie had the same cancer that her daughter had, she contacted me. I met Donna and Sandy at a local quilt shop. Both of them are very skilled quilters, and they showed me their gorgeous handiwork and donated these two beautiful quilts to our guild for the hospital.
This is Donna's Polka Dots quilt, held by Sandy (on the left) and Donna (on the right).
 This is Sandy's Autumn Border quilt.

Sandy teaches beginning quilting in three classes. She has offered to teach our guild members! I would love to take her up on this offer, once we figure out the right time and place.

Thank you, Donna & Sandy!


  1. These quilts are amazing! What blessed people these are to work so hard, produce such art --

  2. They are stunning! I am sure you could auction those to raise more money for materials - I know if I lived anywhere close by (or, in fact, had my own house and bed worthy of such a quilt, to start with!) I would love to buy one of those! So pretty! Glad it is going so well - I am always so impressed by the story of the wonder couple of Lucille and her husband - what generosity!