Friday, May 13, 2011

A Generous Gift and a Beautiful "Thank You"

We received a generous gift this week from one of our non-sewing guild members, Ellie B.
Ellie sent a check (she does this often - humbly, and without fanfare). For someone who doesn't knit or sew, it might seem less than rewarding to join a guild that makes blankets for the hospital, but Ellie believes in our mission, and supports it in her own open-hearted way.
Thank you, Ellie B.!
We will use your gift to buy supplies for making blankets and quilts.
I opened a letter which was forwarded to me from the hospital this week. It was sent to our guild from the "S." family in Washington, in care of the Guild Association. This is what it said:
Thank you so much for organizing and working to put blankets on the waiting cribs at Children's. We took our son (18 mo) L. to the Quick care clinic in Burlington with (we thought) a virus. They sent us to the pediatrician, and she sent us straight to Children's.

In my crying and praying on my way down with my husband and L., I kept saying '...and I have no blakets for my baby! I have to use the gross pilly hospital blankets.' We were told he needed an IV treatment immediately because he had Kawasaki Syndrome. One in four kids without treatment end up w/serious heart trouble. As we walked into our room, I cried when I saw the yellow fleece blankie on my sweet boy's crib! I knew God heard my mama heart to nurture him as best I could!! Thank you!!

The treatment worked - praise Jesus. I have a very happy healthy 20-month old home w/a sweet yellow blanket to remind us God was there in our storm. So thanks again for your loving work!
C. & A. S. [and family]
Bless you ladies in Jesus' sweet name!"
 If you ever wonder about the importance of a homemade blanket, here is proof of what it means to the heart of a parent-caregiver.
Thank you, Mrs. S. for sharing your story with us! We are happy that Katie's Comforters provided you and your family with comfort!


  1. What a lovely story...thanks for making my heart soar. You are doing wonderful work and touching many lives.

  2. That is the most wonderful story. I'm so happy to hear it! I often wonder what precious child is wrapped in the pink blanket I knit for the guild. I wish I could do more but am just so painstakingly slow at knitting!

  3. Beautiful story. I'm so glad you are able to receive such wonderful feedback from those whose lives you touch.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. It means so much when we hear back from a family who received one of our blankets - we don't expect "thanks," but it encourages us greatly when we receive a letter like this! So many kiddos wind up in the hospital without warning, so they don't have anything with them from home. It's wonderful that the generosity of our guild members and friends makes it possible to provide this comfort!