Monday, January 12, 2015

Kim: A Generous Quilter with Fleece to Share

I received an email from Kim D., a woman I had never met:
"I saved your email address from the 2013 newspaper for donations of new fleece.  I am downsizing my fabric collection and have at least 30 pieces of fleece suitable for children's blankets.  Almost all are at least 1 yard, some print and some solid." 
Kim had been making fleece hats for cancer patients, but had accumulated more fleece than she needed for making hats.
The answer is a very happy YES! - we can ALWAYS use fleece; it's a soft, cozy, lightweight, warm, washable fabric which dries quickly, comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and is loved by children. It is also the preferred fabric to give to patients in the intensive care unit.

Kim arranged to meet us today at a convenient location to make her donation. We were amazed at the variety and quantity of her generous gift: four huge bags of fleece, in all sorts of colors and patterns, as well as four fleece blanket kits.
This is just a sampling of the cheerful variety of Kim's gift.

Thank you, Kim, for your thoughtfulness in remembering our guild from the newspaper article, and for your generosity to patients in need of comfort.

Now, we have the opportunity to make this bounty into blankets! 
If any of you reading this would like to make fleece blankets for patients of Seattle Children's Hospital, please leave a comment here, via email, or contact us on facebook. We have plenty to share - enough for individuals and groups!

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