Friday, January 16, 2015

Quilts and Blankets from Mary M.

After posting about Kim D.'s recent donation of fleece (see below), I received a message from Mary M., expressing her interest in making blankets. We arranged to meet so that I could give a batch of fleece to her, and she surprised me by having 10 blankets ready for us to deliver to the hospital! Mary made six beautiful quilts and four thick, soft, cozy fleece blankets with knots tied around the edges.
I flipped up the corners show you both sides of the quilts and blankets.

Mary's choices of color and patterns are sure to please patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, and will bring much comfort and warmth to them and their families. Receiving something personal, made by hand, by someone who is thinking of you (even if you've never met the donor) is a true source of solace when you are isolated in a hospital. Blankets silently communicate compassion, hope, love and solidarity to patients and families, which really helps if you are sick and miss being in your own home.

Thank you, Mary! We appreciate your gifts of time, talent and materials!

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