Monday, January 26, 2015

Gifts from Near and Far

On Saturday evening, we hosted a gathering of local friends, and one of them (Angela) brought a soft, lovely baby blanket which she had knitted; what a treat it will be for the patient, and for the parents of a sick child. This is a busy friend with a full-time job and three children, so we appreciate what a gift of love and time it is!
Thank you, Angela!

Just this morning, another friend -Nan, also a mother with three active, growing kids - posted this photo on facebook:
This batch of five blankets was made by her daughter, Ava (a talented ballerina).

Ava's brother was treated for cancer when he was young, and he is not only in remission, but has grown into a talented musician; we rejoice with their family in his healing. The family moved from the West Coast to Colorado, so Nan will be shipping Ava's blankets to the hospital all the way from there - another act of generosity.
Thank you, Ava and Nan!

These gifts of warmth, softness and exuberant color will cheer the hearts of all who receive them.

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