Monday, December 15, 2014

Fleece Blankets from Yelm Middle School

We received the following message from Bethany M., of Yelm Middle School:
"We did a much better job of timing fabric sales this year, involved about 55 students from the 7th grade and 9th grade leadership classes (Jen N. and Laurel R.'s classes), and made 29 fleece blankets to donate to Children's through the guild.  Jen took some of them up on Thursday and I will drop off 13 fleece blankets and two quilts tomorrow.  I think we still will have one more trip with the rest of the blankets.

"We did not coordinate a picture of all the blankets and kids this time around, but I attached pictures for the 13 blankets that will go up with me tomorrow."
Here are the photos of the 13 fleece blankets mentioned above:
 Thank you, Bethany, Jen, Laurel and all of your students from Yelm Middle School for this generous gift of 29 fleece blankets and 2 quilts to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital! 
A gift from kids to kids is especially meaningful, blessing both the giver and receiver in special ways.  
Reminder: our guild welcomes kids as Junior Members!

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