Monday, December 1, 2014

The Fearless Quilters of Rolling Bay

The Fearless Quilters of Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church have made another generous donation to Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild. This time, they brought us 17 beautiful quilts in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes.
Isn't that a beautiful star on the left? And check out the adorable Raggedy Ann fabric on the right!
Glorious colors
 They make their own labels, with a loving message to the recipient.
 Look at the details on these quilts! The one on the right has flannel applique squares on it.
They even included soft, fluffy receiving blankets for babies (on the left, below)
Here is a closer look at the fish swimming across the squares in this quilt, surrounded by a watery blue border. I can imagine a patient who loves the outdoors being so delighted to receive this.

A special quilt was included in this batch, made from a pattern in a magazine. I believe the photo is going to be submitted to the magazine in which the pattern was found.
I delivered this batch of quilts to the hospital a couple of days after the Fearless Quilters donated them to our guild. That was the day on which we were part of a photo shoot on the Cancer Care Unit with nurses and a patient (more about that in a couple of months). It was a deeply moving privilege to see her face light up as she chose the blanket she wanted, and as she took it from my hands. The staff took care to tell me how much they love giving our quilts and blankets to the patients.
That was also the day in which I posed for a #strongagainstcancer photo, and met Macklemore while he was visiting patients on the Cancer Care Unit. (He told me that he has noticed our blankets on his visits, and we had a little chat about how our guild came to be. He was very kind.)
Thank you, Fearless Quilters, for your on-going support of Katie's Comforters Guild! We appreciate you. Your beautiful handiwork is delighting patients, families and staff.

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