Monday, December 8, 2014

A Surprise Gift: The Elation Foundation

Katie with her comforter, recovering from chemotherapy and surgery
At Katie's Comforters Guild, we are always grateful for gifts; your donations of time, talent, materials and funds enable us to create blankets and quilts which bring tangible comfort right into a child's hospital room. There are no words adequate to describe this gift, from both sides - giver and receiver - and I know this is true, as I have now been on both sides of the experience.

We use funds in order to be able to meet particular needs: sometimes we need funds to ship blankets or fabric; sometimes we need to buy materials. We have been in need of satin blanket binding for a while now. A kind wholesaler in Oregon has been our source, but that she is no longer able to sell it to us, and we are seeking another supplier from which to purchase satin binding. It is expensive, so buying it from retail stores simply doesn't make sense.

As I have said in the past, Katie's Comforters Guild functions on an "economy of grace;" just when we need something, it seems to appear. We received evidence of this economy of grace once again, in the form of a generous donation from The Elation Foundation. This 501(c)3 sent a check to us all the way from Utah. I am thankful to them for finding us - and for considering us worthy of their generosity. With their gift of $500, we can buy needed materials - especially satin blanket binding - to keep patients at Seattle Children's Hospital wrapped in comfort.
Thank you, Elation Foundation!

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