Sunday, November 16, 2014

Michelle (Mickie) and 11 New Quilts

Michelle (a.k.a. Mickie) is an avid quilter. She not only does her own quilting, she encourages others to join her and has organized gatherings and created a wonderful, simple pattern for those who want to make a quilt for our guild. If you'd like a copy of it, send a message to me and I will email it to you.

Mickie often donates her quilts to Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild. Last week, we received a message on facebook that she had made and delivered 11 new quilts to the hospital. She shared these photos (and gave permission for me to re-post):
Thank you so much for your support, Mickie! 
We are grateful to you and your family for all you do to bring comfort to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital!

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