Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucile and Noble Donate AGAIN!

Lucile and Noble are our most steadfast, regular donors. I have never met a couple in their 90s with more energy, vim and vigor. They are so smart, hardworking and sharp that they inspire me with a fantastic example to follow - if I get to live into my 90s!

I stopped by their house on Monday to deliver the roll of batting which we purchased with Ellie and Phil's donation (see the posting below this one). When I did that, they donated 13 more blankets and quilts - 10 fleece and 3 quilts.

Here are the fleece blankets:
and here are the quilts.
Due to supply issues, we have not been able to help Lucile purchase satin blanket binding, so - ever-resourceful - she is making her own binding out of cotton! Check it out:
Thank you, Lucile and Noble! You are wonderful members of - and friends to - our Guild!

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