Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You, Ellie & Phil!

We have a wonderful group of Guild members and friends who have a variety of gifts and talents which they share with us. Some of them knit, some crochet, some sew, some cut fleece into blankets, and some donate funds. Those funds are very important, as we use them to purchase materials and to ship fabric to those who will convert raw materials into quilts of comfort.
Ellie helping with a quilt delivery at SCH with Child Life worker Julie and KCG President, Karen
Ellie is a Guild member who has been a supporter from the very beginning. She and her husband Phil provide donations from time to time, and they just sent another one. We used it to purchase a huge roll of batting with which to make quilts, and to ship fabric to a Guild member who lives in another part of the state. This gift is every bit as important as the gifts of sewing, knitting, crocheting and cutting fleece.
Phil helping with a quilt delivery to SCH
We always need donations of time, talent, materials and funds to help us continue our work. Whichever is your favorite way to donate, we appreciate you and we thank you!
Thanks, Ellie & Phil!

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