Monday, October 14, 2013

New Blankets from Lucile (Donated Fabric)

Lucile has been hard at work washing and sorting fabric which our guild received from Shana & Scott H. She has created a batch of 25 beautiful new blankets. Here is a look at her latest creations:
Soft fleece blankets with decoratively stitched borders
Cotton tops, flannel underneath and satin blanket binding all around. That ladybug print is so cheery!
Look at those colors, and the fun combination of prints!
Frogs, puppies, sports equipment and teacups - oh, my!
Close-up of teacups print with "kisses" border
Sports equipment with handsome plaid on the back
What could be cuter than puppies and daisies?
Cheerful pink bubbles and frogs
Butterflies, telephones, kisses, soccer and flowers
Lucile blends fabrics with a great eye for color coordination and originality
Sweet combination of butterflies with rainbow plaid, and dream-clouds with hearts
Detail of heart border on the dream-cloud print
Lucile, we are so very grateful to you and Noble for all of the time, talent and materials that you donate to Katie's Comforters Guild!
Special thanks to Shana H. 
for donating her mother's beautiful fabric 
to our guild for Seattle Children's Hospital patients!

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