Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aloha Spirit from Linda and Peaches

Here is dear Linda, surrounded by her quilts
I received a message from a friend of our guild, Linda. She wrote from her vacation on Kauai:
"There are some wonderful quilt shops here, and I was selecting some fabric to make a few quilts for Katie's Quilts. I found some darling fabric with little brown-eyed seals on it. The ladies were oogling over it and asking me what I was using it for. I started telling the ladies there about Katie and the quilt project. There were tears, one woman said she was going to look it up and see about donating, another was about to go through cancer surgery and asked us to pray for her. It was a powerful moment. When I was checking out, the shop owner asked if she could send home some fabric for me to use. I said SURE! She asked me to stop by again a few days. When I stopped by today, she had selected fabric to make 5 quilts for the cancer kids. She had it all neatly fold in a carry boat for me to take on the plane. She said 'Aloha, and God bless you all!' She sends her love and prayers!

"I am so blessed to meet people of God who have caring hearts and want to donate and pray for a project like this. Her name is Peaches, and I told her we'd be praying for her as well. Isn't God good? I'll have them done soon, along with about five others I have at home that just need the bindings put on them."
Now, I have the pleasure of sharing the details of Linda's handiwork and Peaches' generosity with you, in these photos:
The variety and boldness of color in these fabrics is stunning!
Linda hand-wrote a message of blessing on each quilt
This photo is a little blurry, but you can see the cute paw-prints and Hawaiian flowers on the back of the quilts
A crocheted and a fleece blanket rounded out this donation (thanks to Liberty Bay Books' Nathaniel H. for delivering them)!
Safari print
More Hawaiian prints
What a gorgeous batch of coziness! Those children who receive them are going to be delighted by their quilts - and the spirit of "Aloha" that comes with them.

If you are going on vacation in Kauai, here is the address of Peaches' store:
Kapaia Stitchery
3-3551 Kuhio Highway 
Linus, Kauai, Hawaii  96766

...and here is what it looks like:
outside of the store
inside the store
 Thank you, Linda and Peaches!

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  1. What beautiful fun fabrics! Love all those Hawaiina prints.