Monday, October 28, 2013

Calling All Quilters!

We have a need for experienced quilters who would like to lend their skills to help us turn some gorgeous tops into finished quilts for sale to support our Guild's work. We always need funds for fabric, batting, binding and so on, and we have received beautiful unfinished pieces which deserve to find an appreciative home. You might have some questions about this:

Question: Why do you need help finishing these?
Answer: Because they are old, beautiful and deserve to be handled by someone who possesses greater sewing skills than I have.

Question: Why do you plan to sell these, rather than donate them to patients?
Answer: Because the fabrics are from various sources and of different ages (some appear to be antiques), we cannot donate them to sick children. There is nothing wrong with them, but the hospital has very strict rules about quilts/blankets for patients.

Question: Where will you sell the quilts?
Answer:  We are hoping to open an Etsy shop (online) where we will offer these and some other gorgeous finished quilts for sale.

Question: What will you do with the money raised? 
Answer: It will go into our Guild's bank account, which is managed by our Guild's Treasurer. Our plan is to purchase materials (fabric, batting, binding, etc.) for making more quilts and blankets. It may occasionally be used for shipping costs when we receive quilts from faraway donors, or to ship fabric and supplies. If there is a surplus of funds, we may decide to donate some of it to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Question: What sizes are these quilt tops and pieces? 
Answer: The dimensions are underneath the photos.
Please take a look at these beauties and let me know if one or more of them is calling to you to take it from this state to finished work of art! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
39" x 49"
Various sizes, to go with Sunflower quilt above
Various sizes (two top-left squares can also go with Sunflower quilt at top)
31" x 52"
54" x 62"
52" x 40" (4" squares)
39" x 52" (4" squares)
58" x 61" (1.75" squares)
39" x 50" (4" squares)
50" x 59"
12" x 12" each (12 of 20 total)
12" x 12" each (8 of 20 total)
Various shapes/sizes
If you are a seamstress or quilter, or if you know a seamstress or quilter who might like to help us, please leave a comment here, or on facebook, or email me. You may "adopt" and finish a quilt - or you can let me know if you would like to buy one of these as a finished quilt!
All of this is to benefit Katie's Comforters Guild at Seattle Children's Hospital - to help us continue our mission of comforting the patients there.

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