Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fearless Quilters of RBPC

On Sunday, my family and I had the privilege of visiting Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church to receive 13 gorgeous quilts that their Fearless Quilters group made for Katie's Comforters Guild. The Fearless Quilters group is comprised of talented fabric artists who put great detail and love into each one of their creations. This batch of quilts has to be seen and felt to really get the full effect, so I am going to share a lot of photos with you to help you see just how lovely they are.
Safari animal theme quilt & floral-ladybug theme (with sock monkeys for whimsy)
Hawaiian flower theme with elephant (that elephant is made up of fabric pieces)
Back of one of the quilts - look at the quilting detail on the underwater square!
One of my personal favorites - 1920s cabaret print
Detail of center square
The balloons go perfectly with tie-dye border and circles below
Clever tone-on-tone quilting detail of balloons!
These bold chevrons include some soft flannel pieces
I love this "menswear" herring-bone flannel
Wonderful color and design combinations
Detail of the elephant print
Detail of brilliant jewel tones
Look closely on the left and you will see a fish quilted into the design!
This is pure color joy
Lovely, vibrant color and whimsical fabric combinations
Pastel dinosaur theme
This would be perfect for a baby or toddler
What a blessing, to receive one of these works of art, filled with love and well-wishes!
During the worship service, the pastor asked a blessing upon the quilts, and afterward, I gave a talk to the Adult Education class about "the Art of Being a Comforter." It was a pleasure to be among the wonderful, generous people of Rolling Bay.
Heartfelt thanks to Pastor Marty, and especially to  
Sally Thompson and Vicky Adkins
and all of the Fearless Quilters
for sharing your gifts with sick children through our guild. 
Those quilts are going to make the recipients very, very happy!


  1. These quilts are AMAZING! So thankful for the work they do on behalf of all the kids out there that need a quilt and a soft hug during a very awful time. Hugs to you, my friend! : )