Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric and Fleece Donations

We received some beautiful donations recently!

The photo below is of fabric that was donated by our Vice President's (Maribeth's) mother.
Our V.P. moved to Kansas a few years ago, near her parents and extended family.
Her precious mother, Norma knew and loved Katie, and decided to buy fabric and make some blankets for our guild.
Unfortunately, after she purchased this gorgeous batch of flannel and satin blanket binding, she fell very seriously ill.
Fortunately, she is doing much better now (yay, Norma!), but is unable to sew.
When I was back in Kansas a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Norma and her dashing husband Harry at their retirement home so I could thank her personally.
Maribeth sent the fabric along, and here it is:
 Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting guild member Mary R. for a quick cup of tea, and to pick up six bright, warm, BIG, double-layered fleece blankets which are going to delight the patients who receive them. Mary's daughter, Briana, made these with her youth group:
Mary has kindly agreed to be our "gratitude ambassador," and will be helping me with the many "thank you" notes that are part of our guild's efforts.

Thank you, Norma, Harry and Maribeth!
Thank you, Mary, Briana and friends!

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