Friday, May 18, 2012

How Much Fleece Will Fit Into an SUV?

Would you like to guess?

Before we answer that question, I'd like to thank Jeanne M., our neighbor, for her "stealth" delivery of fabric to our doorstep. We found the mystery donation, wondered about it for a few hours, and then received a nice email from Jeanne, telling us that she had dropped by with a bag and box of fabric. Mystery solved:
If you need fabric for making a quilt for Seattle Children's patients, we have it!
Thank you, Jeanne!

I received a call from the Guild Association office. Terri told me that someone had donated four large bins of fleece, and asked if we could use it. YES, we could! Thank you Terri, and thank you, unknown donor!

Here is the fun part: Terri told me that these bins are large, and that I might need a truck. I don't have a truck, but I do have a medium-sized SUV. I was bringing a donation of quilts and blankets to the hospital on the same day that I picked up the fleece. It was a tight fit, because these are
30-gallon bins.
Two ways of looking at the same donation. 120 gallons of fabric from one side...
...and from the other side.
That's 120 gallons of fleece! If you would like to make fleece blankets for the hospital, no need to purchase the fabric; "we've got you covered!"


  1. Way to go Karen!!! Woo Hoo!!! This is great. :)

  2. Mary and Briana RMay 21, 2012 at 12:29 PM

    Awesome, Karen! I talked with our Youth Group leader and it looks like we could make up some fleece blankets for SCH this summer. Could you please save enough for at least 4 more blankets for us? I'm so excited! Thanks!