Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ben Towne Foundation

Our friends Carin & Jeff Towne started the Ben Towne Foundation in memory of their son, Ben. Ben was diagnosed with cancer on the very same day that our Katie passed away from cancer. When we were introduced to Carin & Jeff, we hit it off very quickly. As Carin puts it, we would be friends even if we hadn't met one another because our children died from cancer. You can't say that about every person you meet on this journey, but this friendship is real, and it is a gift.
Photo credit:  Ben Towne Foundation
Recently, Carin gave us another gift:  she wrote about "Because of Katie" on her blog. Please take a few moments to go over and read what she has to say, check out their foundation's website, learn about Ben's life and what he has inspired. Ben's legacy is a beautiful one. I would rather he were here, doing what little boys should be doing, but since I can't have that, I admire what he has inspired. Ben's life, and the tragedy of his passing, are fueling change in the way that cancer will be treated. I am thankful that we are friends of the passionate, loving, hilarious, talented couple who are Ben's and Ryan's parents. They are taking their pain and using the energy to make something GOOD happen.

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