Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Gifts

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Lucile & Noble for a trade - I gave them a box of brand-new satin blanket binding for use in making quilts, and they donated 25 new quilts and fleece blankets to our guild.
I would love to show these blankets to you in detail, but Lucile & Noble are so efficient with their plastic bags that I can't get them open! Take my word for it that these are gorgeous, cheerful and bursting with color.
Thank you, Lucile & Noble!

We also received a generous monetary gift from one of our non-sewing members, Ellie B.
Thank you, Ellie!
Your gift makes it possible for us to supply our sewing members with materials, such as fabric and satin blanket binding! The "economy of grace" is at work in all of our generous donors, members and supporters, and we are deeply thankful to each one of you.

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