Monday, April 9, 2012

New Quilts and a Memorial Donation

Guild member Bonnie P. stopped by last week with a donation of 4 lovely new quilts.

I've mentioned before how Bonnie makes her own labels for her quilts, using our business card and an image of a FROG. That makes a nice, personal touch, and the frog always makes me smile. I'll bet it does the same for the patients who receive her quilts. Here are close-up detail photos:
flowers and penguins
flowers, butterflies and a Hawaiian-themed quilt
We were able to share some of our wonderful fabric which was donated by the Friends of Susy with Bonnie. It was such fun to go through it with her and see what she selected. I know she will do great things with it, as Lucile has, too!

Bonnie also made a generous donation in memory of her friend, Paula.
We are deeply sorry for your loss, Bonnie, and we thank you most gratefully for your memorial gift to our guild!

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