Friday, August 28, 2015

A Stash of Fleece, Transformed

It's a thrill to share with you another story of fabric which is turned into comfort. You might recall this posting from January, 2015, in which a kind-hearted donor (Kim) offered and delivered to us her generous stash of polar fleece.

This week, I received a letter from our guild member, Bethany (of Yelm Middle School), telling me that she, her students and a colleague have turned that fleece into 12 blankets - and added two quilts to the mix. Bethany wrote:
...[I] delivered 12 fleece blankets and 2 quilts to Children's yesterday via my sister. The fleece blankets were made by YMS students and were a combination of fabric that you provided and also donated by Jen Nelson.  The greener quilt was made with some of the fabric you provided me...[please add] our gratitude to those who donated the fleece and fabric that made it possible to make the blankets.
 When you donate whatever you have - time, talent, treasure or materials - you become part of the "economy of grace" in which we operate. We'd love to have you join us! Kim's fleece and Bethany's community came together - though they haven't met - through Katie's Comforters Guild. Now, their gifts are on the way to comforting 12 patients at Seattle Children's Hospital!

Thank you, Kim, Bethany, Jen and 
Yelm Middle School students!

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