Monday, August 3, 2015

Gratitude, To and From

Gratitude. It is a great thing to feel, acknowledge and receive. We feel it every day for our guild members and supporters, and we receive it from patients and their families.

I met with Ka and Rich this week, to take delivery of 3 large tubs full of cotton and flannel fabric.
If you or your quilting group need fabric to make quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild, we can supply it, thanks to Ka and Rich's generosity!

We also received the gift of a letter, written by the grandmother of two patients at Seattle Children's Hospital. She said:
"My daughter S. has been at Children's since May with her twin boys...with still weeks if not months before she can bring them home. Both born with many problems. But my daughter was given blankets for their beds that make [her] happy and the babies' beds colorful - so beautiful at such a stressful time. So on behalf of S. and I (Grandma) and the twins
Thank You so much for the happiness you gave her and her baby boys."
You and your precious family are very welcome, Grandma H.!

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