Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pay It Forward

Last month, I received this bracelet from a friend, inscribed with the message:
...yesterday, I had the opportunity to do just that, for Katie's Comforters Guild.

For months, I have been storing many boxes of beautiful, donated fabric in our home for the Guild. It sits here, just waiting for quilters who need it. I love sharing the gifts which we receive with quilters, but there are often time lags between fabric donations and need for fabric. The "stash" became an impediment to the appropriate use of a room in our house, yet I had no place to give the fabric.

Then I thought of Sue H.; a few months ago, Sue told me that she had some quilting friends who might be interested in sewing for Katie's Comforters Guild. I emailed he,r and offered them the pick of all that we had here. Yesterday, Sue and three of her friends (two friends and one friend's dear granddaughter) came to the house to sort through the fabric, and it was like Christmas morning. The exclamations of joy, excitement and appreciation of the donors' taste was so much fun to witness, like watching kids open presents!

As these lovely ladies sorted the stash into color-coordinated piles, it gradually became apparent that they liked all of it...and they wanted to take all of it, to make quilts for Seattle Children's Hospital's patients. I am thrilled! No more boxes filling the room (just a basket of seasonal and holiday fabric leftover, along with a few quilt tops which need finishing); new friends and supporters of Katie's Comforters Guild, excited to start quilting, and beautiful materials - so lovingly donated - about to be turned into comfort for sick children. It reminds me of a fairy tale (Rumpelstiltskin), in which straw was turned into gold...I can hardly wait to see the treasures these women will make using this fabric!

We have received an offer of more fabric from a generous donor in the Bonney Lake area, so if you would like to join us in our mission, and would like to use free fabric to do so, please let me know! We can connect you with the donor.

Thank you, Sue, Dawn, Becky and Grace!

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