Friday, February 4, 2011

Abundance of Gifts

We are having a banner week at Katie's Comforters Guild, and we need to stop - share - and give thanks.

Lucile and Noble Nilsen dropped off 48 new quilts and blankets for our guild to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital.
Noble & Lucile with 48 blankets
Yesterday, I delivered 53 blankets to the Volunteer Office, and they were thrilled - they told me that every one of the 53 was needed, and would be given to a patient that same day! They also very warmly stated how much they LOVE OUR BLANKETS, especially the quilts and fleece blankets. Apparently, patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU, which includes cardiac, neonatal and regular ICU) can only have FLEECE blankets. If you are wondering what kind of blanket to make, that might be a good way to begin...fleece blankets are easy and fun to make. Check the sidebar of the blog (or email me) for ideas!

Lucile & Noble have been awarded Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce's Citizen of the Year Award. They deserve it - they make blankets for our guild and for Jefferson County Hospital. To date, the Nilsens have donated nearly 3,000 blankets. There were articles in two newspapers about this. Congratulations, Lucile & Noble!
Noble & Lucile holding their awards
We also give thanks to Edgren, Hecker & Lemmon Insurance company for their donation to our guild. They delivered a check yesterday, and are featuring our guild in their February-March Client Newsletter. This publication goes out to 5,000 households, and we hope that it will spark more interest in, and donations to Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild. As soon as the new issue of the newsletter is available online, I will post a link here.
Thank you, EHL Insurance!


  1. That's amazing. So many beautiful quilts. So sweet that the kids love them so much and then so sad that there are so many sick kids. Lucile and Noble are amazing! : )

  2. Oh Karen, this is so wonderful! Your Guild is such a gift to so many children. I remember how comforted Erin was by the blankets she took to the hospital with her and the ones she had here at home. I find myself sleeping with them myself these days... there's a red fleece one in particular.

    I guess we are each doing what we can in our little parts of this big, scary and unfair world of pediatric cancer. God bless you too, my friend out west!

  3. Just phenomenal.

    I'm going to look into what is available similar to this in our area.
    If nothing exists, perhaps I can start a branch of Katie's Comforters Guild here.

  4. What a wonderful sight to see, all that love bundled and ready to go. Lucille means light and Noble needs no translation here. They honor their names don't they? They are a golden couple and all the others too who are so unselfish with their time and their generosity. Many blessings and an abundance of good health and happiness to everyone who volunteers to this wonderful project.

  5. So much wonderful news!!!
    What a wonderful couple these two are; God bless them!

  6. this is completely heart warming! thank you for sharing the magnitude of love and comfort that is pouring out through the good work of so many.
    such an honoring of your living love of katie,
    you bless so many!