Monday, February 7, 2011

A True Quilt Story

I received this note from a friend on facebook:

"...We had a kids' financial carnival...One little girl came through, & she had written on her "Give, Save, Buy" sheet that she wanted to save her money for her brother & give it to her brother and donate to Childrens' Hospital...I said 'That is really nice - you want to give your money to your brother & donate to Childrens'.' She said, 'Well, my brother lives at Childrens' right now, but he will be home this weekend.' She was 7. We talked a little bit more & I asked her if he had been given a blanket; she said 'No, but they gave him his own quilt.' :-) Made me smile & think of you!"
Thank you for telling us this precious story that shows the impact of one quilt, Renee!

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