Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts from Lucile N. & Jeanne L.

Since our junior guild member, Briana, sent her letter to the editor of the local newspaper, we've had at least 3 new offers of help for our guild - Thank you, Briana!

Dear Lucile (our amazing "Producer") has done it again. Even with the Thanksgiving holiday, snow and her birthday, as well as a broken sewing machine that needed to be replaced, she donated another 27 quilts! Here are some photos of her latest creations (you'll see that several of them are winter-themed):
Thank you, Lucile!
A kind-hearted lady named Jeanne telephoned, and offered to donate three quilt-tops. They just need batting and another piece of fabric for the underside, as well as binding. If anyone would like to take these beautiful tops and finish them, let me know!
Thank you, Jeanne!
These gifts are going to make children who are in the hospital very happy, and bring them comfort! Thank you for supporting Katie's Comforters Guild.

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