Friday, December 10, 2010

10 Quilts from Bonnie P.

Guild member Bonnie P. dropped off 10 beautiful new quilts today. She also shared some great hints based upon her quilting experience. As a beginning seamstress myself, I love learning new ideas!

- Bonnie uses safety pins to pin all layers of the quilt together, so they are easy to find, and no sharp ends can be left sticking out, after quilting is finished. This is very important for patient safety.

- She uses straight pins, with large flat heads for pinning the edges of the quilt, so that these pins cannot be overlooked after sewing -  thus ensuring that no pins are left in the quilt. Again, helpful in ensuring patient safety.
Can you see the quilting in the shape of cars and trucks, red on red? Bonnie scanned her fabric, which contained cars and trucks, and enlarged these images on her computer. Then she traced them on the back side of the quilt with a water-soluble marker, quilted over the lines, and washed the marker out. Clever!
Look at these cute kittens on the beach.

Bonnie outlined the images on this one with quilting stitches.

This quilt has great details...
...Bonnie's machine can embroider letters, so she put Katie's initials on this quilt.
She also made these labels, by scanning our guild's card to her computer, and using a product called "Bubble Jet" to prepare the fabric to take the image. After printing them out, she sews them on. The labels look wonderful.

Bonnie told me that she is a very detail-oriented quilter. She has found that sewing for our guild has freed her to practice, to "think outside the box," to experiment, and so to expand her quilting repertoire.
Thank you for the beautiful quilts
and great ideas, Bonnie!

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