Friday, June 19, 2015

Sad News

Katie's Comforters Guild is sad to have to say "goodbye" to a beloved member of our community: Noble Nilsen. Noble has been the devoted husband to our dear Lucile for many decades, and a dedicated supporter of our guild. He has made countless car trips, ferrying fabric, quilts, yarn and blankets between their house and our little town. He has been a supporter of Lucile's love of quilting, and her devotion to our mission, patiently carrying bags of quilts from his car to mine, and warmly welcoming us into their lives.
To get an idea of his character, please read this and this.
We send our deepest, most heartfelt condolences and love to Lucile, Marv, YuMae and all of their family and friends at this difficult time. We'll miss Noble; he will always be in our hearts!


  1. Karen, I'm sorry to read about Noble's passing and wish to send my condolences to Lucile and the family.

    Trueda Gooding

  2. Lucile has received a few condolences posted to facebook:
    "So sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with Lucille during this time of sadness and loss. Noble will be watching her from above. You are not alone Lucille. Our Love and support will always be there for you." - Jane H.

    "What a sweet, loving man. Holding him, Lucile and their family and friends with love and prayers." - Gabriele

    "This makes me very sad. My condolences to Lucile and their family." - Rebecca

    " So sorry.....blessings to all.....hugs Karen" - Camille

    Thank you all for these messages for Lucile & Noble's family!

    1. "I'm sure he will be missed but will silently be helping in other ways from Heaven now that his earth suit is used up. My prayers for the family." - Kendra

  3. "How sad. I didn't know him but he and Lucille were such giving people." - Bonnie

    "Sending love." - Mickie