Friday, June 12, 2015

8 Fleece Blankets from Lucile & Noble

I write a great deal about Lucile and Noble here. They have become more than guild members; they are dear to us as friends. They teach us a great deal by the way they live, and give of themselves.

Lucile recently donated a batch of eight fleece blankets. She is not one who is given to complaining, but it is getting harder for her to work on quilts for any length of time now, due to aches and pains. Rather than letting that stop her, Lucile makes blankets from fleece.
The gift of these blankets is all the more incredible because Lucile is caring for Noble in a more intensive way, now that he has been diagnosed with cancer. She is still thinking of patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, providing comfort for them, at the same time as she is taking care of her own patient!

I hope that all of you will join me in sending our dearest, best wishes for comfort (and everything good) to Lucile and Noble.  

We love you, Lucile and Noble! Thank you for everything, including these 8 blankets!

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