Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michelle F. and Linda C.: Generous Friends

Our guild has a good friend and "ambassador" in Michelle F. She has hosted an online fundraiser, two quilting events, and has recently donated seven new quilts to Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild, even involving her children's nanny and a neighbor. Here is a photo of her latest donation:
The top 6 quilts were made by Michelle & Shannon; the bottom one is from Michelle's neighbor.
We also have a great advocate in Linda C., our guild's treasurer. Linda is a person who works quietly and expects no fanfare - but she deserves it. She faithfully keeps the bank records for our guild, submits our annual report, makes reimbursements when needed, and has even assembled her own group of quilters up in Arlington. They are so selfless that they didn't even tell me about their year-end donation of 11 quilts - they just quietly delivered them to the hospital! For that reason, I don't have a photo to show you - but I hope to have one next time.

Thank you Michelle & Linda (and friends)! Your help is greatly appreciated.


  1. The look beautiful. The ladies at our church are organizing a whole quilting day in two weeks to make quilts for you from the fabric you sent to us, so we should have some more for you soon.

    1. Polly, that's wonderful! Thank you (and them) for organizing this event. I hope that someone will take photos, so that we can post about it here (and on facebook), if your group would like that.

      We still have lots of donated fabric and quilting books, so feel free to ask if you need more! Thanks again.

  2. If I would like to join your guild, is it better to fill out the guild placement form or the renewal form where I can specify your guild?

    1. Dear mennikelly,
      We'd love to have you join us! The Guild Placement form is probably the best way to do it, so that the Guild Association has a record of your request. We look forward to welcoming you!
      -Karen (president)