Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Gift from Bonnie P.

Wordle: Katie's Comforters
Yesterday, our guild received a gift of time and talent from member Bonnie P. She came over and spent several hours with me, sorting donated fabric. Bonnie's expertise is deep, as she is a gifted quilter and designer, and dyes her own fabric. Bonnie knows a lot about what we can use and what we cannot. Together, we sorted fabric by color combination and proposed use (separating top pieces from backing, pieces that would go well together in color and/or theme to make a nice quilt top) and organized about five bags of fabric which we cannot use, and which will be donated to charity.

What this means for our members and friends is that we have a LOT of lovely fabric which is now much easier to sort through, so if you want to make a quilt for our guild to donate to the hospital, we can provide the fabric in most any color combination you wish!

In addition to her generous donation of time and expertise, Bonnie also brought a gorgeous wall-hanging to donate to our (future) auction:
Isn't this awesome? It is made of special paper, though it looks like fabric, and the backing of it is fabric. Bonnie even sewed a special sleeve for hanging it. The colors are more vibrant in person.
Thank you, Bonnie!

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  1. Wow and double Wow! Bonnie's wall hanging is so bright and cheery! Beautiful! And the gift of her time and expertise in organizing the fabrics is priceless! A big thanks from me, Bonnie! Mary R, guild member