Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beth's Conference Project

A while ago, I received a message from a woman named Beth. She was working to help coordinate a professional conference (the ALM Summit), and had an idea for a project:  an activity in which the attendees would be invited to make fleece blankets for patients of Seattle Children's Hospital. We had a few conversations via email and a phone call, and from those, I knew that Beth was a person with a deeply kind heart.

What a pleasure it was to receive the following note and photograph from her:
"We did it! It was a success. So many people participated, sometimes we couldn't keep up with the demand. What a special gift you have created in memory of your daughter, you have touched many people...All the supplies were provided by Keith P. / Guided Design - conference chair."

They made 100 blankets!
Thank you, Beth & Keith, for contacting Katie's Comforters Guild and creating this wonderful project! 
Thank you for your bountiful generosity, and for demonstrating how simple it is - how each one of us is able - to bring comfort to a child who is a hospital patient.

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