Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You, Alma Mater!

Last summer, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Sally James (a Seattle writer) for the alumni magazine of Pomona College.  I spent my freshman and sophomore years as a Sagehen, and there are days when I seriously regret transferring to another college. When we took David to Pomona for a visit, I looked at it from a completely different perspective – and wished I had stayed on to major in English or journalism.

After “Because of Katie” was published, I contacted the magazine’s editor, Mark Kendall, to let him know that I had written a book. The magazine has a page devoted to alumni publications, and I hoped my book would be included there. Mark went beyond that, to ask me not only about the book, but also about our journey with Katie, and what I have been doing since that time. He kindly decided to tell the story of Katie's Comforters Guild in an article in the alumni section, including photographs, rather than in a paragraph on the “book*marks” page.  The result arrived in my mailbox yesterday.
You can read it here: ,
and here is one of the photographs from the article (courtesy of Larry Steagall of the Kitsap Sun newspaper).
The article even mentions Lucile!

I'm deeply thankful to Pomona College, Mark Kendall and Sally James for publishing this article about our guild.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful article they wrote about you and the guild!