Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week included more bounty. Here is a batch of eight adorable fleece blankets which were generously donated by our neighbor, Cami, who is a great supporter of our guild.
Soft, cozy & fun
Over the weekend following Thanksgiving, Gregg and I made a trip up to Port Townsend. I called Lucile & Noble, whose home is on the way to P.T. They welcomed us to stop by, so we delivered a batch of satin blanket binding and fabric to them, and they gave us a dozen beautiful quilts!
Yummy colors
Cheerful, fun fabrics
Soft flannels and cotton, satin blanket binding and fleece - all add up to comfort for sick children!
Thank you, Cami, 
Lucile & Noble! 
We are truly thankful for you!


  1. Beautiful! I was cutting up squares of some of the fabric you sent last night and have more to do today. I probably won't have a batch of quilts ready to send over until January, though, so I'm glad you're getting some finished ones in the mean time.

  2. Lovely photos! I like your blog.