Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gifts from Janice S.

Our guild has been blessed with great generosity recently. I received an email from Janice S., who had read about Katie's Comforters Guild in the article (written by Marietta Nelson) in the Kitsap Sun. Janice wanted to donate some of her quilting "stash," and had washed, ironed and sorted her fabric for us. She also wanted to donate some batting.

Gregg and I drove to meet Janice and her husband in our town, and they gave us the gifts for the guild. We appreciate them so much! (I forgot to bring the camera along to photograph the two of them, but here are photos I took of their donation, when I got home.)
Aren't those fabrics lovely?
Thank you so much for this generous gift, Janice!
It will be shared with a quilter (or quilters) in our guild, who will form and fashion it into COMFORT for a sick child at Seattle Children's Hospital. Thank you - this is a big help!

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