Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl Scout Troop Donates 25 Fleece Blankets

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Heidi R., over the past few months. Heidi learned about our guild through the Internet, and she told me that her troop needed a community service project.

She asked whether a Girl Scout Troop could help Katie's Comforters Guild.

Could they ever!
Heidi R. and her troop are an industrious and lovely group of young ladies. They not only made blankets, they also traveled all the way to Seattle Children's Hospital on a summer day, to donate those 25 beautiful blankets (which they had made out of fleece) in person. (The troop and their parents gave me permission to post photos of our visit.)

First, they stopped in the Volunteer Office, to meet with Guild Association Board Member Jane H., and to fill out the brief  paperwork at the desk. Then they put the blankets in the Blanket Closet.
Here they are with their donations (on the shelf above them).
Then we took a tour of the hospital, (guided by Ashley, from Childlife) and visited the Giraffe area, Playroom, Hematology-Oncology area, Family Resource Center and Whale atrium.
The troop in the Giraffe area.
By the way, the hospital has its own beautiful quilt near the Giraffe elevators.

If  you are a leader of a Girl Scout Troop, or a Camp Fire Girl Group (or know of one looking for a community service project), please feel free to contact me about helping Katie's Comforters Guild! If every troop or group made just one batch of blankets, so many children would be blessed with comfort - and the troop/group members would be blessed by the gift of giving comfort to others.

Thank you, Heidi and all of your Troop members!
Thank you, Ashley of Childlife & Jane H. from the Guild Association's Board!


  1. 3 cheers for the Girl Scouts. What a beautiful gift!

  2. Yay for these wonderful girls and their leader.
    Love this...when I had a troop, it gave me (and the girls) so much pleasure to do for others.
    Bless them.

  3. At on of her follow-up appointments Sam received a fun fleece blanket made by a girlscout. It made the appointment extra special and Sam loves cuddling up with the fun blanket. :) Way to go girls!