Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Generous Gifts from Lucile

Today, Gregg and I made a trip up to visit Lucile and Noble Nilsen. You may recall Lucile as a generous quilter in her 80s who has made several thousand quilts for charity - she averages sewing about one quilt per DAY!

We took a drive north of our home, and found Lucile and Noble at their house, with 40 quilts to donate! We had a glass of lemonade together and a nice visit, and had the pleasure of giving Lucile the fabric that Sue A. donated. We also gave her some batiks that were donated by Gregg's cousin, Karol. Here are the batiks:
Lucile will have these new materials to work with as she makes more beautiful quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild to give to Seattle Children's Hospital. She has donated 106 quilts to the hospital, to date!

Lucile has a multicolored supply of embroidery floss that she would be happy to share . If any of you needs embroidery floss for tacking your quilts by hand, please leave a message here and I will get some for you.

Thank you, Lucile & Noble!


  1. I am thrilled by the beautiful quilts that your guild has received for donation in Katie's name. Our world is peopled with many lovely souls.

    Karen B.