Friday, May 14, 2010

A Harbour Tour & A Quilt Donation - from Hawaii!

Today, I had the fun "job" of meeting a Camp Goodtimes camper/staffer and his mom in Seattle, to pick up a batch of quilts. "Doppler" and his mom, Jane, met me at Argosy Cruises, and we took a picnic lunch on board the Lady Mary for a Harbor Tour. We talked about Camp Goodtimes and the cancer journey, laughed a lot, and admired the fabulously beautiful quilts that Jane has made to donate to the hospital through our guild.

I think these quilts have the distinction of having travelled the farthest to be donated, since Jane lives in Hawaii! She sewed them there, and brought them with her when she came to visit her son. That's quite a trip!

Here are photos of Jane, "Doppler" and the fabulous quilts on board the Lady Mary:
and here are some close-ups of the fabrics:
Thank you, Jane and "Doppler!"
The kids are going to love these.


  1. What a wonderful contribution. They are so beautiful and bright!!!

  2. Love those Hawaiian quilts. The fabrics are always so island bright and cheerful. Hawaiians say that their islands are halfway between Heaven and earth--beyond earth but not quite Heaven yet. It's definitely beyond anything else I've ever seen and experienced and is a place of renewal for those lucky enough to go. I believe Heaven will be very much like the unspoiled beauty of Hawaii and that's why it is called Paradise.
    May those quilts bring deep comfort to many precious children and their families.

  3. Gorgeous -- and to think they're from Hawaii! Those children will smell them and be healed, I hope!

  4. Those are amazing. What beautiful and uplifting colors! Love it!