Wednesday, May 19, 2010

14 Quilts from Joan!

From kindergarten to 5th grade, Katie attended Poulsbo Elementary School. She had some wonderful teachers, and I was a volunteer in a number of her classes: as an Art Docent, Rolling Reader and general helper. It is one of the things that I loved about the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. My dad is still a Rolling Reader for some of the teachers at Poulsbo Elementary.
One of the ladies who was a secretary at Poulsbo Elementary is also the sister of a friend of Gregg's, from high school. It was always fun to see her and talk about that connection when I had business in the school office. Her name is Joan.
Joan moved away from our area, and recently, she moved back. She contacted me and offered to help sew with our guild. Joan is a professional quilter, and has a "real" machine in her home. That is a blessing to us, because we have been given some fabric and quilt tops that are beyond my sewing ability...but they are not beyond Joan's.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Joan to drop off three beautiful quilt tops for her to finish, and to pick up 14 gorgeous quilts that she has made for our guild to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital. These are photos of her work.
While I was with Joan, I also got to see:
Katie's Girl Scout troop leader, Karene, who is working with her girl scouts on quilts to donate to the hospital,
Katie's 3rd and 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Berg (who I love) and
Joanie, another of the school secretaries, whose husband helped us to coordinate Katie's "celebration of life" - enabling us to shoot off the fireworks that Katie had requested.
It was like "old home week."
Thank you, Joan!


  1. Joan made some very colorful and beautiful quilts Karen. I imagine seeing all these wonderful people from Katie's past stirred up a lot of memories for you too.
    How nice that good people are out there, willing to help and remember your sweet girl.

    And you mentioned Rolling Reader...this made me smile...I imagined the Rolling Stones reading books to school children. Yes, that would be funny.

  2. Those are some of the sweetest fabrics I've seen in a long time. Love it!

  3. Just the kind of quilts a child will love--fun, fun prints to cheer and entertain. How meaningful that these dear connections would do this in honor of your Katie. The circle of love grows ever wider. Katie would like that.

  4. Beautiful quilts made by beautiful people. All so lovely to see. The children who receive them will be blessed by the gift.

    Karen B.