Friday, March 26, 2010

Redbook Magazine, April 2010

The April, 2010 issue of Redbook Magazine is on newsstands now, and on the last page is a paragraph that mentions our Guild! Check it out, and help us spread the word about Katie's Comforters Guild.


  1. Monica BerninghausApril 13, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Hello Karen,
    I read about the guild in the latest issue of Redbook magazine. I am still so sorry about the loss of your daughter. She would have been in school with my son Matthew at Poulsbo Middle School. I can sew fairly well but I have never quilted. I am interested in helping your organization. Do you have meetings or how does one know what type of quilt you wish made? Monica Berninghaus home (360) 613-9797

  2. Hello, Monica - thank you so much for your interest. We'd love to have you sew with us.

    I just left a message for you at the phone number you left above - I have been super-occupied with our French exchange student this week, and would be happy to answer your questions.

    We don't have meetings, but just sew on our own or in groups of friends, at this time. I have a simple pattern that I use (there is a link to it on the sidebar, or you can email me and I will email it to you).

    Thank you again for your interest - I look forward to meeting you.