Saturday, March 6, 2010

facebook: 96 New Fans

Our first week on facebook yielded 96 fans!
That's outstanding!

Thank you to all who have become our fans. Please keep spreading the word, so that more people will know about us and what we are doing, and invite your friends to join us!

We would love to welcome new members, as well as those who are not "joiners," who may just want to knit, crochet, sew or make fleece blankets on their own to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital, or through our guild. The most important thing is bringing comfort to patients!

I've been making "business cards" for our guild. I am going to be speaking at a conference in Indianapolis in a couple of weeks, and have been invited to bring information about the guild. I think these cards will be simple and clear. They have our guild's name, address, and a photo on the front, and a brief paragraph explaining who we are and what we do on the back. If you would like to have some of these cards to hand out to acquaintances and friends, please leave a comment here.

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