Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Six Beautiful Quilts from Bonnie

I had a visit from Bonnie today. Our visits are always interesting, because she is such an advanced quilter, and I always seem to learn something new from her creations.

 Here is Bonnie, with six new quilts which she made for Katie's Comforters.
 Zoom in if you can - the one on the left is made of strips of red, white, black and gray fabric. It has so much movement in it! The one in the middle has funny cartoons of bears and hunters, but no shooting - just humor. The one on the right is a gorgeous fishing scene.
On the left, there is a floral with a wonderful detail (which you can't see) in the quilting stitches. In the middle, a tropical print with contrasting orange and fuchsia strips. On the right is a sports-pattern with red details. All of the quilts have unique quilting stitches, made by Bonnie on her special machine. She uses satin blanket binding and makes her own labels.

I gave her some of our stash of fabric to take home and use in her next batch.
Thank you, Bonnie!
 We appreciate your artistry and generous giving!

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  1. Wow, I just saw all the beautiful donations from Bonnie, Lucile and Noble and Dottie. What artistry and love! These gifts from the heart will surely bless the recipients. I love the label "A kiss from Katie'!

    Karen B.