Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can You Help Us Find the Whidbey Island Quilters?

If any of you have Yahoo! email, you may have noticed some changes lately. I am not a fan of the changes, one of which is the appearance of the Inbox. Just yesterday, I received an email from a group on Whidbey Island about a donation of quilts which they intend to make. I received the message while I was away from home, and intended to reply to it today, but when I went to do so, it had disappeared. RATS!

If you are acquainted with, or are a member of that group, will you please let them know that their email message has been lost? I would appreciate it if it can be re-sent, so that we can thank the group properly. I don't want the message to go unanswered! You can reach us at KARENLBOREN at yahoo dot com. Thank you very much!

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  1. Hi, Karen- This might be the group or at least a lead:
    Mary R